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packet assembly library

libpal is a straightforward, easy-to-use packet assembly library, which provides functions for buildung and sending forged ethernet, IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP packets.
At the time of this writing the only supported platform is LiNUX/i386, but things will develop, so give us some time and check back or - even better - participate.

A list of features includes fully configurable
  • ethernet header, type and payload (CVS only)
  • (R)ARP packets (CVS only)
  • IP header, options and payload
  • ICMP messages
  • TCP header, options and payload
  • UDP header and payload
Short introduction to packet assembly using libpal. If this is not enough for you, read the source or write some documentation.
You want a pal? Get a release. This is beta code (quite stable, though :). Please send bug reports. You have been warned.
You can find the CVS tree here .
Marc Kirchner <kirchner (at)>